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Video Curation Tools
Content Curation

Create engaging blog posts out of curated videos

In three simple steps, publish more content with less effort.

  • 1.

    Use your experience to curate beneficial videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video providers. Embed them into your blog with few clicks.

  • 2.

    Make each video a unique blog post by writing your description, comments and summary, add a catchy title, embed other media, and more.

  • 3.

    You're ready to publish and share your new content.

Content Curation

Curate podcasts and publish more content

Curate podcasts from SoundCloud, Spotify, Audioboom and other providers. Make a useful blog post out of every podcast.

Video Content Curation
Curation Tools

Chrome Extension for effortless curation

Open any supported video or podcast in your browser, and embed it into your blog as a new post with a push of a button.

Youtube Video Curation
Youtube Video Curation
User Experience

Detect and delete broken Youtube videos

As your library of curated Youtube videos grows, there will be videos that aren't available anymore on Youtube.

Improve user experience by removing all these broken Youtube videos.

Youtube Video Curation
Text Editor

Use our text editor to convert every curated media into an engaging blog post

  • Content before and after media

    Write content before and after the video or the podcast player.

  • Embed more media

    Embed videos and podcasts from your library into the post content area.

  • Embed social media post

    Embed any social media posts such as Tweets and Instagram posts.

Embed social media post - Content Curation
More Features

Do more with your curated media

Manage Blog Posts


Organize videos and podcasts into categories. You can assign a media to multiple categories.

Embed Youtube Videos

Youtube Player

Get advanced control over embedded Youtube videos. Set video start and end time, autoplay and loop.

SEO Video Sitemap

SEO Video Sitemap

Get more chances for your videos to show up on Google search results as videos instead of articles.


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