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Automation Rules

Save time and effort with Automated Social Media Rules

Automation Rules pick videos, podcasts, and articles from your website and share them on your social media channels according to your posting schedule.

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Automation Rules

Set your preferred posting times


Post at specific times

Set times for each day of the week and let PostQuicker schedule and share your posts.


Post on time intervals

Share a post every specific number of hours. For example, share a video every 6 hours.

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Automation Rules

Custom message for each social media channel

Post a different caption for each social media channel.

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Automation Rules

Pick content from specific categories

Use content from specific categories to be scheduled and shared on your social media accounts.

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Automation Rules

Evergreen Posts

Recycle each post a specific number of times.

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Automation Rules

Post on the major social media platforms

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter Accounts
  • Linkedin Pages
  • Linkedin Profiles
  • Instagram Accounts coming soon
  • Pinterest coming soon
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URL Parameters

Stick UTM parameters to all shared social posts' links.


Scheduling Automation Rules

Control what dates and what times your rule should start and end.


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